My package was returned to you. How do I proceed now?

We are very sorry that you did not receive your order!

Here you can find possible hints on the reason for returning your order, which may be helpful.

First of all, we ask you to check your address information to make sure that there is no mistake.

Your address information is correct:

Please contact us via our contact form and ask for a new shipment, as long as your order has not been canceled and refunded yet.

Unfortunately, your address information is NOT correct:

In this case you have to pay attention to the payment method. If you have chosen one of the following payment methods, the shipping address can be changed without any problems:

Credit card
Immediate bank transfer

In this case please use the contact form and provide directly the correct shipping address for the change.

Due to requirements of the payment providers PayPal and KLARNA, it is not allowed to make any changes to the communicated shipping address afterwards.

In this case it is necessary that the order is placed by you again. After we have received the so-called "postal return" and it has been finally processed, the invoice amount will of course be refunded to you or the claim will be cancelled.

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