I do not have a printer - how do I get a return label?

This is no problem at all!

If you do not have the possibility to print the return documents, there are several options:

1. Use the QR code!
In addition to the actual return label, you will also find a so-called QR code on the return documents. This is located on the left side, which has the heading "Shipment information for your documents".


Show this QR code on your smartphone at a DHL branch, a parcel store, at your parcel delivery service or at a DHL Packstation. DHL will print out the label for you. Please carefully remove old shipping labels and barcodes beforehand.


Simply show the QR code on your smartphone at the Post AT branch counter or print the label at the franking machine in the self-service zone.

2. Frank the package yourself!
You can also frank the package yourself and send it to the following address:
Sonoma Internet GmbH
c/o Fiege Logistics ZNL Apfelstädt
Sülzenbrücker Str. 600
99192 Apfelstädt

Please include information about yourself, your order and the reasons for the return so that the return can be processed without problems.

Please also note that we do not cover return shipping costs in this case.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to send the return insured, i.e. with the option "tracking". This way, in case of loss, the shipping company is liable, and not you personally.

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