I made a return but did not receive a refund -why?

It's too bad you sent something back. If we received your return but you did not receive a refund, there may be several reasons:

Is the item defective, but the order date of the return is older than 6 months?

In this case, according to warranty law, the buyer, 6 months after receipt of the item, has the obligation to prove that the item was already defective upon receipt. Since this is very difficult for understandable reasons, we will gladly send you the item again as a gesture of goodwill or provide you with a voucher for the value of the goods.

Please note that we will automatically send you a voucher if the originally ordered item is no longer available.

The hygienic seal is damaged or removed:

The item(s) was/are returned to us with the packaging opened. Since hygiene is of the utmost priority, especially in our field, we can only take back and refund unopened items.

We have neither the competence to trace usage nor the possibility to clean the products according to our high hygiene standards. Therefore, these items may not be sold by us again and thus lose value for us.

Please also note the appropriate AGB excerpt under point *8. "Exclusion of the right of withdrawal".

Therefore, we must unfortunately refrain from a cash payment in this case. Since you are of course important to us, we have sent you a voucher in the amount of the purchase value via e-mail as a goodwill solution. If you have placed your order on account and have not yet paid, we ask you to do so, otherwise you may incur reminder fees.

Thank you for your understanding!

The extended return policy has been exceeded:

We offer you an extended return policy of 100 days. If you do not like one or more items or you have changed your mind, a refund of the return after these 100 days can no longer be made. We ask for your understanding.

The return period for seasonal items has passed:

Some of our items are considered seasonal merchandise, such as our AMORELIE Advent calendars or Advent boxes. In this case, the statutory cancellation period of 14 days applies. A return after this period can therefore no longer be refunded. We ask for your understanding.

The return was not registered via our returns portal and not posted with our returns label:

If you have franked your return yourself, please inform us of the tracking number of the return shipment, stating your order number, so that we can track the current status. It is best to use our contact form so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If you have sent the return uninsured, i.e. without tracking, neither AMORELIE nor the shipping company can be held liable in case of loss of the shipment. We ask for your understanding.

The receipt of the return is demonstrably less than 14 days:

Please excuse that you have not yet received a response to your return. Under certain circumstances, the final processing of the return can take up to 14 working days. We ask for your understanding.

If you still have not received a response 14 business days after we have received your return, please contact our customer service. We will check your request as soon as possible.

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