Information about purchase on invoice and payment by installments

How does the "Kauf auf Rechnung" (purchase on invoice) work?

With this payment method you usually have 14 days from the invoice date to pay your invoice, i.e. you only pay when you have received the goods. The invoice date starts with the shipment of your order.

Please note that this payment method is not offered in our Swiss online store.

For a successful authentication and for security reasons, the billing and shipping address must be identical. In the last step of the payment confirmation, the date of birth and, if applicable, a phone number must be provide.
When is my invoice due and where can I find the required payment information?

From the date of invoice you usually have 14 days to pay your invoice, i.e. you pay only when you have received the goods. The invoice date starts with the shipment of your order.

You will receive the exact invoice date as well as the necessary payment information for your transfer directly from the payment service provider KLARNA to the e-mail address that you specified in the order. Please note that for data protection reasons, the e-mail address for receiving the invoice cannot be changed by us. We can only resend the invoice to the e-mail address already entered in the order. To do this, simply contact our customer service with your order number.

I have received a payment reminder!

First of all, we ask you to check if it is just a payment reminder before the due date of your invoice, or if the payment reminder you received already refers to a late payment.

If you are in default of payment, we ask you to make the transfer as soon as possible to avoid any late fees. Please note that fees incurred due to late payment cannot be cancelled by us systematically, please contact KLARNA directly.

If you have returned goods and your return could not be processed before the due date of the invoice, please contact us via our contact form, so that we can take care of your request as soon as possible.

Can I pause my invoice or extend the payment term?

The easiest way to do this is via the KLARNA app. There, pauses and extensions of payment terms can be made. It is also possible to log in via the website. Of course, you can also contact KLARNA customer service directly.

I would like to return some or all of my order. Do I still have to pay the full invoice amount first?

Thank you for asking!

No, of course you only have to pay for the goods you want to keep. It is best to report directly in the KLARNA app that you are making a return. The invoice will then be automatically paused until your return is processed.

For your return, please be sure to use our returns portal.

How does KLARNA installment payment work?

We are happy to offer you the option of payment by installments from a value of goods of 200€.

If you have chosen flexible installment purchase with KLARNA, you can pay your bill at your own pace. All orders for which you choose the flexible installment purchase will be collected on a monthly statement. This will always be sent by KLARNA in the middle of the month to the e-mail address you entered in the order. If you use the installment payment method for the first time, they will send you the first statement in the following month.

It's easy to start paying in installments: Log in to the KLARNA app and select the installment payment option for the order you want to pay in installments. From then on, you will receive your monthly statements and decide how much you want to pay (but at least the minimum amount stated on your statement). You can also repay the outstanding amount in full at any time.

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